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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Turner Syndrome- Aidan Dwyer Causes of Turner Syndrom Monosomy Mosaicism Y chromosome material. More About- Turner syndrome is a chromosomal condition that affects development in females. Women have two X chromosomes, one of those chromosomes usually is missing or has abnormality's. Turner Syndrome effects 1 in every 2500 girls or 0.0004%. The most common feature that women have when they have Turner Syndrome is shortness which can usually be seen by age five. Another thing that sticks out when someone have Turner Syndrome is the loss of ovarian function. So basically the egg cells die prematurely and unfortunately most ovarian tissue degenerates before birth. Due to this many victims of this disorder do not go through puberty.Famous People-Lydia Susanna Hunter a.k.a Linda Hunt- an actress whom plays Henrietta Lange from NCIS: Los Angeles, a CSB series. Melissa Anne Marlowe a.k.a Missy Marlowe- A former American gymnast who competed under the artistic gymnastics.Although there is currently no cure for turner syndrome, there are some treatment that can help with the symptoms. Symptoms Before Birth At birth or during infancy In older girls, teens and young women Heart abnormalities Abnormal kidneys Short fingers and toes Receding or small lower jaw No growth spurts at expected times in childhood Learning disabilities, particularly with learning that involves spatial concepts or math, though intelligence is usually normal
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