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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 This is a typical Yamaha 4-Valve tuba TUBAS Want to know how to play tuba? Well you can! Here are some basic facts about the tuba. The Tuba is the largest, heaviest and lowest instrument in the brass family. The tuba is also the hardest instrument to march with, which is why you can buy multiple variants such as the Sousaphone, Contra, Marching Tuba, and Convertible Tuba. Below are useful tips how to play, maintain, and care for your tuba. To play the tuba,Insert the mouthpiece into the lead pipe, and then buzz into the mouthpiece putting your lips inside the mouthpiece cup. This will create the fundamental tones.Change these tones by pressing down the valves, which lets the air reverberate differently. In order to maintain the Tuba in playing condition. regularly oil the valves and grease the slides. (Follow manufacturers directions) Fun Fact:The tuba originally originated in Germany After playing rack the tuba, or put it in its case or a soft safe place.When transporting the tuba you want to put it in its case because you wouldnt want to scratch or dent it. Playing, maintaining, and caring for a tuba is hard work. Make sure you are able to handle it before you buy or rent one because they are very expensive, costing up to $11,000!!! (+Tax) if your'e are just coming in to a band program then try multiple instruments before you decide. Your director will help find the perfect instrument for YOU. Contra's Sousaphone Marching/convertible Tuba Tuba care kit Ending on a strong note Intro Maintaining Playing Caring A tuba in a case A guy...Playing a tuba Mouthpiece and valves
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