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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tsunami What is a tsunami How does it happens? A tsunami is a giant wave that come in as groups made by movement under the sea bed. When 2 tectonic plates meet they make a fault line an earthquakes under the sea bed lifts the plates along that fault line Before a tsunami Its better to pack things before a tsunami happens so you can survive During a tsunami Tsunamis are very strong they come in a group but 1-3 tsunamis are not strong then it will get 5x stronger after a tsunami After a tsunami Don't go run anywhere because maybe theres more coming when the authorities said that the tsunami is finnished and creates a tsunami or when other natural disaster happens under the sea bed but it can also be made by humans because the explosives is too strong Get to high ground so the tsunami might not reach you It can deal large area of damage it carry so much water that it can cause a flood get out faster so you can get on top of a mountain faster so you can be safer if you have no where to go climb a tree the roots are strong bring useful items no time for teddy bears climb up a tree when theres no where to go because the roots are strong. bring items like water or food bring 1- 10 items but make sure its useful Be careful poisonous items and wires with electricity might be in the ground In the start they will be about 3 meters then it will change to about 10 refrence distaster watch Edwin Be careful the tsunami might cause a flood The tsunami might look strong far away but they will grow alot bigger when they reach shore
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