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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Trypsin and Healthy Babys Trypsin Found In When Combined With Poly Peptides... Trypsin is an enzyme created in the pancrease of animals that produce meat. Trypsin is initially used like all the other proteases to hydrolyze (break down) polypeptide chains. Results in the break down of polypeptides which makes them amino acids Poly peptides are groups of amino acids. Amino acids are molecules with an amino, carboxyl, and varying 'R' groups Poly Peptide Trypsins Role in The Baby Food Industry Amino Acid Babys do not have the sufficient means of digesting proteins at their young age. Therefore proteases (enzymes that break down proteins) are needed to already be present in their food to have already broken it down so it's easily digestible for the baby. This is Nestle baby formula. It contains vitamins and nutrients that when combined with water will turn into milk. Trypsin is used in the ingredients of this product. Trypsin is a protease used commonly in baby food related products. Another important role is that it's used to produce hypoallergenic cow milk so it's lowering the risk of babies developing milk allergies. Trypsin has its limitations on which proteins it can catabolize. It can only hydrolize proteins where one of two specific amino acids, lysine or arginine, is located. However since these two amino acids are in most proteins, its safe tosay trypsin can be used to break down most proteins. Trypsin has a possibility of being dangerous. Trypsin breaks down proteins as mentioned before, but after the protein is done breaking it down itno amino acids, it poses a threat to cells in the body. This is easily avoided through your bodys own defensive mechanism- it creates an inhibitor called Alpha 1-antitrypsin, that binds to the active site to prevent the enzyme from doing anything else after it is no longer needed to break down proteins In conclusion, Trypsin is awesome and is used widely in industry to help pre-break down proteins in foods
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