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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What Is Truth? Ariel Jun *resources - My Definition:Truth is the realization one comes to when dealing with an emotionally damaging traumafrom being in denial or ignorant. Origin, History, and Etymology Connotation- Denotation- The word "truth" originates in the mid 1500's.It was first recognized in Old English triewð (West Saxon) and treowð (Mercian) with Proto-Germanic abstract noun suffix -itho. The word "truthsquad" was US's first attested political sense and later,the word "truthiness" was popularized by comedian StephenColbert, earning it's word of the year in 2005. A lie would have no sense unless the truth werefelt dangerous. -Alfred Adler Synonyms: Fact, Veracity, Frankness, and Precision. Antonyms: Falsehood, Lies, and Secrecy. Words with Close Relation Sincerity and Frankness- These two words relatedirectly to the word truth. If one is truthful with a person,they are sincere for the other's feelings and yet frankbecause the truth cannot be told in any other way. The word "truth" creates a negative connotation,one filled with uneasiness and anxiety. The truthis hard to handle most of the time and not usuallyin a sense of good news. Work Cited: "Definition of Truth in English:." Truth: Definition of Truth in Oxford Dictionary (American English) (US). Oxford English Dictionary, n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2014. < can_english/truth> "O nl in e Et y m ol o g y Di ct io n a r y. "O nl in eEt y m ol o g y Di ct io n a r y. N. p. ,n .d . W e b. 0 6 F e b. 2 0 1 4. < ht tp :/ / w w w .e ty m o nl in e. c o m /i n d e x. p h p ? al lo w e d _i n _f r a m e = 0 & s e a rc h =t r ut h & s e a rc h m o d e = n o n e > Telling the truth and making someone cry is betterthan telling a lie and making someone smile. -Paolo Coelho The quality or state of being true and that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.
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