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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cory and Troy Lynon has an unstable music career. He often has to borrow moneyfrom Troy. Troy has not raised Lynon,however he is still trying to control his son's career Lynon and Troy Troy and his father PowerOne catalyst for the difficult relationship between fathers and sons is the need for power. Males are very dominate and controlling. As a young son ages, he starts to clash with his father due to the urge to be strong and independent, while the father tends to clash with the son due to the urge to want to have control. It is evident that this problem is present throughout all of the father son relationships in Fences especially in the relationship between Troy andhis father. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Troy descibes his father as an immensly selfish and dominating figure who caused Troy to run away from home at the young age of fourteen. Cory desires to be a professional athlete. However, he does not obtain his fathers support and love. Troy is trying to force Cory to choose a job that is definite and stable. OccupationA father perceives his sons failure as his own; fathers have a strong desire to see their sons with a steady and stable career. This can cause strife within the father -son relationship because the father, who wants what is best for his son, will appear as a controlling force which will cause the son to want to rebel and disobey. This explains Troys and Corys relationship perfectly as it relates to Corys pursuit to follow an unstable athletic career and Troys dominance and objection to his sons dream. This is present in Troy's and Lynon's relationship becuase Lynon desires to pursue his unstable musical caree despite Troy'spleas for him to get a "real" job.Asan ending result Troy considers Lynon and Cory as wayward sons while Cory and Lynon see their father as overbearing. Generational gapOne problem between Troy and both of his sons is the clear and large generational gap. Troy is from the generation of America in which African Americans were immensely limited and restricted in terms of their careers. Troy dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player and based on how he described himself he would have been an extraordinary player. However, Troys dream was halted due to the restricting white supremacist society. Lynon and Cory are from a different generation of America. In their time, black people are far less restricted and more prone to succeed. Troy and his sons have two different mindsets and this causes huge problems within the family. Father and SonTroy, Cory, Lynon: Freedom from control Corey, Liliana, Rodrigo
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