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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tropical Wet By Sanam Ismail and Dean Khan Countries and cities thathave Tropical wets includeSao Paolo, Brazil, which hasa high of 83 degreesand low of 66 having showersand light thunderstorms.Jakarta, Indonesia- High 86 Low 74 and it has light thunderstorms and has showers. Manila, Philippines- High of 89 Low of 71 and its sunny. The Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo- has a high of 89 and Low of 73 and it has clear weather. This will definitely affect the crops and geography along with the people that might have to take shorter showers, and need to save their water for the future because all fresh water could possibly evaporate. Warmer heat temperatures will lead to heat waves that also affect peoples health. Characteristics in a tropical wet include humid landscapes like rainforests. These landscapes are usually found around the equator near South Africa, South America, and Australia. Since tropical wets are near the equator,it is basically all one season since the sunis hitting the equator the most as the Earth revolves. This affects the society and how people livebecause the humidity makes it harder to produce energy in some ways. Sometimes, when the climate is extremely hot and humid, air conditioners might stop working and a lot of power and energy sources might shut down. This will cause people like engineers making it hard for them to work, lots of stores and shops that need the electricitywill go out, and in extreme cases, people mightpass out.
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