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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tropes and Stereotypes Trevor Michael Franklin is the typical gangster stereotype. He comes from a poor background and lives in the suburbs of south Los Santos, making a living through car repossession for Simeon Yetarian. Being theonly black character of themain three, stereotypes himas a gangster even more,along with his desire to become a big time criminal. follows the stereotype of the rich, powerful, intelligent white man. After retiring from being a full time bank robber, Michael De Santa agrees a deal with the FIB to move to Los Santos in to a great big mansion withhis wife and two kids. He also follows the stereo- type of a father figure towards Franklin, through guiding him in to the world of robbery is the crazy one of the gang and follows the drunken hillbilly stereotype, a lot of times when we play as Trevor he is drunk. As we see from the image, he is holding a baseball bat, which gives us the impression that he would rather solve his problems using violence. Character Steretypes: Weapon Tropes: Weapon tropes in GTAVand the whole GTA seriesvary from the outright ridiculous to the morerealistic. Here are twoexamples of bothextremes. With the golf club for that morepersonal 1v1 fight, tothe rocket launcher forbringing down choppers and causing outrageousdestruction Cover Design Tropes: The design of the coversin the GTA series is a realbig stand out every cover since GTAIII. They have allfeatured the same logowith the change to the number or name of the game. The covers have also featured a woman on them, usually appearing in a sexystance or with very littleclothing on. But the woman on the covers never features in the game. Open WorldTropes: As GTA is an open wold game, there are certain tropes that you would expect to see in open world games. These such things include the the really basic elements ofopen world games. Suchas free roaming roads or pathways, back alleys,and basic building andenvironment structures.
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