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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tropes! Rifle-bearing playable characterMagoichi Saika never has toreload between shots, nor doesthe player have to worry aboutstocking up on ammo.NPC riflemen reload between shots. Note: Pistol-wielding playable character Masamune Datealso never has this worry, anduses rapid-fire. *Serrated Blade Pretty in pink playable character Oichihas the most cliche'd storyline; findslove on the battlefield in the form ofNagamasa Azai, of the Azai clan. Oichi's brother, Nobunaga Oda attacks the Asakura clan, who are allied with the Azai. Nagamasa chooses to stay loyal to his clan, sending Oichi back to the Oda. At his eventual death in battle,Oichi blames herself for not helpinghim enough. *A tough choice *Bottomless Clip Oichi is stereotyped as childish. Foolish and reckless, Oichi is played as the "innocent" character caught upin politics and circumstance. She fights with a cup andball, adding to her childish (innocent) stereotype. *Impracticality Nene has an in-game abilitywhere she can transforminto any character in her immediate vicinity. While this is an inventiveability to use, it's highly impractical.Not to mention her attire, sureshe has a bandana, but she looks unprotacted in her skimpy outfit, and definitely looks like she's spent hours on her appearance before a large battle! - as all the playable characters do, male and female. *Ninja Weaponry In any game about Samurais and Japan, a ninja or two is to be expected.Well, Samurai Warriors 2 has Four Ninjas,all with stereotypical abilties to double-jump, excellent speed stats and light,easy to wield weaponry. - Hanzo Hatori: Kusarigama- Nene/Kunoichi - Daggers- Kotaro Fuma: Clawed Gauntlets All of Ginchiyo Tachibana'sweapons are serrated bladeswith a lightning motif. *Katana Perhaps the most anticipatedtrope in a Samurai WarriorsGame is the use of the Katanaas a main weapon.Only two characters, MitsuhideAkechi and Ranmaru Mori, adhere to this trope. Friendships ally the characters to each other,for instance, Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Magoichi Saika. One playable character,Kanetsugu Naoe, often refers to honor and thepower of friendship within the game. The funnything is, he often gets told to shut up about it.But he has a point, the friendships between thecharacters helps them out of sticky situations. *The Power of Friendship
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