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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Trojan Prince Paris abducted Helen, the wife of Melelaus of sparta. When Melelaus demanded for her back, the Trojans refused. This is how the war started. After 10 years of fighting, the Greeks left a wooden horse as a symbol of peace and their ships went away. The Trojans celebrated as they thought they had won the war... little did they know, Greeks were hiding inside of the horses' belly, only to finish the war. It went quick, and the Greeks had won. Helen was married many times. The most famous one, was Paris from Troy. Because the Greeks traveled to Troy, they less chariots than the Trojans had, which was a disadvantage. Odysseus was the one who thought of the idea to fill the Trojan horse with Greek men to finally end the Trojan war. People who were not witnesses reported that they Trojan war was started because there were conflicts between goddesses. The city of Troy is in northwestern Turkey, and appeared to be destroyed sometime around 1180 B.C. *resources Trojan War Joyia Nelson Some of the gods built the city of Troy when they were being punished. Troy was later attacked and captured by Hercules. For nine years, the Greeksfought the countryside and the outside cities of Troy, untilthey came up with the Trojan Horse plan. When the Greeks torched the town of Troy, they took the prisoner, Helen, and reunited her with her husband Menelaus.
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