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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mesoamerica Final Project Inca Aztec Maya Time:1325-1521Religion: polythestic Government:the governmentis like ares. Aztec Inca Maya Time:1100-1553Religion: polytheisticGovernment:they had one ruler in everycity. Time:200-900Religion: polytheistic Government: it was a collection of city states with noble family. they createda game of socceryou had to puta rubber ballin hoop andalot of people gambled, if you lost the game you getdecapatated Three things people believe caused the Mayans disappearance are1.drought2.disease3.warfare CSI: MAYAN MYSTERIOUS DISAPEARNCE double click to change this header text! I belieive disease_ happened because_the bugs carried diseases and viruses. The Maya states4.pottery5. anatomy The Aztec had1.chimpas 2.soccer3.universal education4.red5.big citys The Inca had1.patheons2. the sapa Inca was all powerful3.machu pichu didnt get destroyed 4. pizzaro stop the incas from fighting more5. they had to pay checks and balances They are similiar because... Maya, Aztec, Inca How did trade impact their civilization? they had to rely on trade for survival.How did religion impact their culture? they had to sacrifice alot and they had large temples to walk up.How did the geography impact their culture?they had a swampy land sothey had a unique way to farm. hello im hernan Cortesi explored the city Tenochtitlan and seenbeutifal things like temples,ex.
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