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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 in LEDCS The causes of In LEDCs POVERTY 50% are Malnourished 53% Of the world's population live on less than $2 a day 18% are illiterate 1% has a university education 24% have no electricity Disease - this has similar consequences to War, people are unable to work and so unable to get food Poverty can be caused by:War- the population won't be working but either fighting or leaving so no one can be producing food or money for themselves Natural disasters- if an LEDC was struck by a natural disaster, instead of using money improving the country, the money has to be used to repair the area affected Unemployment- if someone doesn't work they wouldn't be ableto get money to support themselves or their family Inequality- if a country has no rights for a large proportion of the population,they will not be able to work, e.g Womens rights. Not allowing women to work cuts off 50% of your possible workforce lack of education- uneducatedpeople wouldn't have the right skills required for a job so they wouldn't be able to get enough money to support a family. Immigrant status- if many people were emigrating, there would be less people able to work Overpopulation- not enough resources for everyone 20% of theworld populationuses 80% ofthe world resources Teenage pregnancy- the mother wouldn't be able to be educated or get a job if she was caring for a young child 80% of theworld population uses 20% of the world resouces What can we do toreduce poverty in LEDCs? Vaccines and medicine - vaccinating children in LEDCs can save lives Rebuilding - when anatural disaster occursprovide help for LEDCs torebuild faster Equality - promote equalityglobally. Men and women arejust as effective at jobs as each other Promote peace . Allow educationfor all - promoteeducation Fair trade Support local businessinstead of MNCs
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