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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Many Characters of Vocaloid 2 IA Megurine Luka Vy1 Vy2 IA is one of the more recent vocaloids to bereleased, her official publication dating toJanuary 2012. Her character's age rangesfrom about 15-16 years old, and her voiceis sweet and clear, making her sound morerealistic than any other programs. She isportrayed as a nice, caring character whois kind to everyone, although she doesn't always receive kind treatment back. Overthe past two years IA has become extremelypopular and has now become a rival ofthe most famous vocaloid, Hatsune Miku.Sadly, IA does not have an official item, but is frequently seen with a boy with similarappearances. Some theories believe that he is her twin, and that he will be releasedas a software in the future to accompanyIA. Megurine Luka is the newest of the vocaloids.Differing from other vocaloids, she can sing inboth English as well as Japanese. Her voiceis slightly husky compared to other female vocaloids, giving her a more natural tone.She is portrayed as a slightly bashful anddefensive character, who has a slight tendency to violence. She is mostly happybut is also frequently abused and treatedunfairly. Her item is the frozen Tuna. Vy2 and Vy1 where made together, likeKagamine Rin and len, so that they could sing duets. Vy2 has no official character, but has been given the rough profile of ateenage boy with orange - pink hair, whowields a red samurai sword. His voice is usually very low, and is used mostly in the category of rock. People believe him to be very charismatic, and caring, but atthe same time slightly cold and serious. He has no item as of the moment. Vy1 is seen as a young samurai, who, likeher counterpart Vy2, has a purple samuraisword and a hand held fan. Her voice is verymodern and poppy, and she sings with anextremely high, fast paced voice. Most of thetime Vy1 acts indignant and frustrated, singing songs about unfair circumstancesand troubles. Her item is the hand - heldfan.
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