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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The ManyCharacters Of Kagamine Rin &Kagamine Len Many of Rin and Len's songs have sadand hidden meanings that usually refer to a tragedy. (One of them dies, lost love.loneliness, and in some cases insanity.)They are portrayed as extremely caring for one another. Their item is a roadroller. These two computerized twins ofthe age of fourteen have voicesprogrammed to mach that of a youngchild's. Also, they often sing duets, because their voices weremade to harmonize. They appearas teenagers with blue eyes and blond hair Kaito was the first male vocaloid to ever bereleased. He appears as a man with blue hair and a long white overcoat, alongwith his translucent blue muffler. His voice is very soft and laid back, making it easy tolisten to. His item is ice cream cone, and is depicted as an upbeat, easygoing character,being sometimes a complete goof. Vocaloid Hatsune Miku is, by far, one of the most wellknown virtual singers in the world. Depicted asa 16 year old girl with green hair, Miku became an almost instantaneous success, her songs gainingmore hits that any other vocaloids. Her songs usually portray her as a sweet, explosive girl, but sometimes as a selfish diva. Her voice when singing is very high, and can be described as childish. Most of her music is very poppy and fast paced, reflecting her cheerful personality. Her item is the leak or spring onion. Kamui Gakupo Kaito is a Japanese style of music that is created by computer generated voices. Different "characters" have been programmed so that people anywhere can use their uniquevoices to write songs. Each character is given a look and personality, as well as a specialty item. Vocaloid Kamui Gakupo was released in 2008, and hisvoice was deemed one of the best to this day.His original design pictures him with long, purple hair, a warriors kimono, and a samurai sword. In most of his songs, he is portrayed as a goof, like Kaito, but other times as asmitten lover, a Casanova, and, sometimes,as an insane killer or loyal warrior. His voice is one of the most mature of the vocaloids, and has a tendency to sing more in the genera of rock or pop. His item is an eggplant. Hatsune Miku Vocaloid
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