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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cholelithiasis Rare myopathy, myositis, or rhabdomyolysisIncrease in hepatic transaminasesIncrease in serum creatinineThrombocytopenia and AgranulocytosisPulmonary EmbolismDeep Venous ThrombosisDecreases in HDLPancreatitisHypersensitivity Reaction Tricor® AKA Fenofibrate 73.12 Fenofibric Acid = Activates PPARα which increases lipolysis and elimination of triglyceride rich particles. Cost 48mg Tablet = $71.27 for 30 tablets145mg Tablet = $190.06 for 30 tablets patients with severe renal impairment, active liver disease, and preexisting gallbladder disease.nursing mothers.patients with known hypersensitivity to fenofibrate or fenofibric acid. PO Common Dosage and Usages Geriatrics:o Hypercholesterolemia, mixed dyslipidemia, hypertriglyceridemiao 48 mg/day Adult:o Hypercholesterolemia and/ormixed dyslipidemia = 145 mg PO qDayo Hypertriglyceridemia = 48-145 mg PO qDay Mechanism of Action Pharmacokinetics Absorption: It is well absorbed by the GI tract. Best action occurs between 6-8 hours after administration. Excretion: 60% through the urine in the form of metabolites, and the other 25% in feces. Contraindications Metabolism: rapidly hydrolyzed by esterases to the active metabolite, fenofibric acid. Distribution: Fenofibric acid steady state is achieved within 9 days. Pregnant WomenNursing MothersPediatricsGeriatricsRenal ProblemsHepatic Problems Warnings/Precautions Primary Hypercholesterolemia (Heterozygous Familial and Nonfamilial) and Mixed DyslipidemiaSevere Hypertriglyceridemia Clinical Studies
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