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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Made by: PaulRobles tap and hold to change this header text! What it takes Why I want to be it The money I will get 3 or more years of game design experience on one or more shipped games. Excellent understanding of first-person combat and game mechanics. Excellent written and verbal communications skills. Experience with C, C or non-visual arts. What I will do Stem component I always wanted to work for Treyarch because I love the games they make and that working there will show that I can disign games. Design Specialist Average $92,486 Least amount and most $60k-$138k I will be using the newest in technology for gaming because I'll be using a AAA Console development computer that is a computer u draw on and edit on Develop prototypes that clearly articulate the vision of the features and/or missions for which you are responsible. Pitch concepts, designs and full-proposals to project leads. Spearhead the collaborative process with engineers, animators, artists, sound designers and production staff to bring the game world and its characters to life. Identify and resolve conflicts with other disciplines in a way that best meets the design goals of the project. Review work at various stages of implementation to ensure the execution matches the vision, goals and quality requirements. Routinely collect feedback from user-testing, the development team and design management.
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