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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Product Advertising Sales Trevor Lavine Trevor Lavine Poka-Yoke Challenges Qualifications Physical Environment - Over five years selling experience (door to door as well as Nordstrom's department stores)- Highest sales per hour and units per transaction in currentNordstrom department over the last year and a half- B.S Degree in Marketing from Virginia Commonwealth University - Always professionally dressed. - Dress appropriate to target audience (conservative if old)- Will be traveling to the clients to sell air time. Have been to several different Countries, comfortable traveling - Mistakes happen in sales, when they do happenI will use my customer service expertise acquired fromworking for Nordstrom to achieve service recovery Mental Stimulus Processing Core Service Sell myself, Sell my company, Sell my product Create a significant amount of revenue for the company by selling air time - Perceived Risk in that clients don't know if time slots they purchase will be effective until they see results - will aim to lower risk by researching with the audience traffic department and independent research- Never sold Intangible items - Supplement that with years of proven effective sales - Shape attitudes and influence client behavior through knowledge gained from audience traffic research - Core product is myself, every interaction hasa potential to create long term relationshipswith clients- Company Air time Supplementary Services - The independent audience traffic researchto ensure value will be obtained from purchasedad time- Ability to build and maintain customer relationships Process 1. Work with audience traffic research team2. Do independent audience research3. Deliver findings to clients and recommendtime slots that best fit their company
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