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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Light Dependent Reactions Light Independent Reactions PsII PSI E.T.C Split Water (H2O) Calvin Cycle C6h1206+02 ATP H+ NHDP+ The graphic below shows some of the different process that make up the photosyntheic cycle . - More than half (70%) of the worlds oxygen is produced by phytoplankton photosynthesis in the worlds oceans. -Thirty percent (30%) of the worlds oxygen is produced in the rainforest. -There are several types of chlorophyll. Each type captures aDiffernet wave lenght -Photosynthesis is affected by temperature, light intensity, light wavelength and carbon dioxide level. -Most living things depend direcly or indirectly on The sun for energyWhich means most living things depend on Photosynthesis -Before photosynthesis evolved, Earths atmosphere consisted ofwater vapour, methane, ammonia and other gases, but not oxygen. -The sugar molecules produced by photosynthesis are also the building blocks for other organic molecules in living organisms, including proteins, lipids and amino acids -Chlorophyll breaks water molecules apart to replenish the electron it loses at the beginning of photosynthesis. The oxygen atoms from the water molecule form oxygen gas molecules. -Plants catch the energy of sunlight in a pigmentin their leaves, chlorophyll, which makes them green. -Photosynthesis can also Take place in so typesof bacteria This graphic shows a simplified version of photosynthesis Photosyntheisis
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