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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Major League General Manager There are many requirements that are needed to become an Mlb GM. Ones that are required are having atteneded college and have a degree in finiance or some type of management. These degrees range from about $4000 to $12000. Other suggestments are having experience coaching or playing, someone that is good at keeping track of stuff and knows everthing that is going on. In addition, having good knowlege in contract of law. -Pros: you make good money. You have lots of control on the team. It is a very enjoyable job -There is no current job growth rate. This is because the are 30 teams in the MLB which means 30 GMs and there hasn't been a GM that has been fired in over 3 years. Cons: There is a lot of responsibility. If you make one mistake you could get fired. You work long hours. Is a hard job to get because a GM hasn't been fired for the past 3 years Salary The first way being a GM realtes to math is that you have to deal with player contracts. When dealing with player contracts you have to deal with the salary you're going to offer to the player. You also have to make sure the contract you offer the player is within the teams salary cap -Cons: There are long hours involved in this job. These long hours and dedication will take a lot of time away fromhome and your family. It is hard to get this job because there hasn't been a single GM that has been fired in the last three years. Plus, there is only 30 GMs in the MLB. In addition, if you make one mistake you could easily be fired. 2.5M There are many ways that being a GM relates to math. There are two things that he uses math to do on a daily basis. Here are two examples. 500k Ages of MLB GMs Ways that being a gm relates to math Between 1. Job Growth Rate Oldest current GM 2m 28 Yougest current GM 59 Average age of current GMs And 0% About 44 2. 1. The second way that being a GM that relates to dealing with statistics. A big part in being a GM is knowing statistics. By using statistics you will be able to evaluate your player better. Since this gives you a better understanding about the player it will help you know what he is worth. This will help offer him the right contract for the right ampunt of money
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