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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Treatment: Detection: Outlook: Epilepsy cannot be detected before symptoms appear and is hard to separate from other nervous system disorders as well as simple seizures or brain spells even when symptoms occur. Epilepsy can not be detected prenatally because most of the time, it's caused by a large accident having to do with the head and head injures. However epilepsy can arise from prenatal complications. If there i has been a family history of epilepsy or seizure disorders, the disorder can come from the parents. Although there is no known cure for epilepsy, doctors can remove the abnormal cells causingthe seizures, medication to prevent seizures, called anticonvulsants, may reduce the number of future seizures, or they can place a vagus nerve stimulator (VNS). This device is similar to aheart pacemaker. It can help reduce the number of seizures. The victim can have the following long term affects; Victims can have difficulty learning, breathing in food or saliva into the lungs during a seizure (which can cause aspiration pneumonia), injury from falls, bumps, self-inflicted bites, driving or operating machinery during a seizure, permanent brain damage (stroke or other damage), as well as the side effects of medication. Physical limitations of epilepsy include; permanent brain damage can limit mobility, many cannot drive until their seizures are stable, and a person living with epilepsy should avoid working in jobs that involve heights, dangerous machinery, or underwater environments. There is a very low risk sudden death with epilepsy however, victims can die during a seizure if they fall and injure themselves on any nearby surface or machinery that may cause death. Fun Fact!: * In about 7 out of 10 cases, doctors describe the disease as idiopathic, which means the cause is unknown. Most people with idiopathic seizures are between 5 and 20 years of age and have no brain injuries or abnormalities. Many do, however, have a family history of epilepsy or seizure disorders.* Epilepsy is treated successfully most of the time with medication.
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