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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Research conducted by HAAGA-HELIA UAS Corporate Travel Management students Autumn 2014 of the companies spend annually morethan 10mil. euros on traveling 1. Europe: Sweden, Germany, UK, Russia Main reasons to travel1. internal meetings2. projectsother: workshops, academic purposes, training Feedback about the travelexperiencesare collected with1. surveys2. reports3. assistants collect feedback4. intranet One trip lasts 2-4 days The research was conducted by interviewing 17 travel managersfrom Finnish companies. The interview content was based on Hansel Ltd.'s travel management process with the aim to find out about the current situation of today's travel management. In most companies Travel Managementis part of the Procurement department HR + Employee 24% How information is collected for traveler profiles? Data is mainly collected by using an electronic solution rather than a paper form Expense information comes from TMC's or Credit Card Company's reports Bookings are mainly done through the TMC's online booking toolTravelers mainly do the bookings by themselves Risk management is carried out mostly by TMC's or by companies own safety departments Travel Management Process Today 1. General Info 2. Planning 3. Profile 4. Booking, Changes, Ticketing 5. Travel & Meeting 6. Payment 7. Travel & Expense System 8. Reporting 2. Asia: China HR 23% Other 29% 3. North America: USA Employee 24% video conference 88%telephone conference 82%discussion forums 17%social media 17% Travel policies are usually applicable to everyoneIn some companies business class may be allowed e.g. for medical reasons or for managers Reports about expenses are implemented in most of the companiesTraveler's behavior is also monitored closelyReports are used to negotiate contracts in order to create savings Payment methods: 5-10 business trips annually Alternatives for traveling Low-costflightspreferred immediate feedback 82% company card 18% personal M2SAP 41% companycard travel account 29% lodge card 50% Personal credit card or company credit card? 12%
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