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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RECYCLYING TRASH Sorting Your Trash: As Easy As 1, 2, 3! waxed paper soiled paper non-soiledpaper plasticbottles steel/tin/aluminum plastic bags cartons packets/wrappers lids/straws styrofoam plastic utensils Did you know? papercontainers COMPOST creamer cups glass foodscraps Organic waste makesup 60% of landfills, ofwhich food wasteaccounts for 36million tons yearly.Less than 5% of this iscomposted. Did you know? Americans generate over 250 million tonsof waste yearly. 75% of it is recyclable orcompostable, but only one third of it isactually recycled or composted. At the Fall 2013 trash audit for the STAMP,it was found that only 46% of trash wasproperly sorted. Making sure that the reycleand compost streams aren't contaminatedis extremely important! When we die, our bodies becomethe grass, and the antelope eatthe grass. And so we are allconnected in the greatCircle of Life.-Mufasa, the Lion King Organic waste in landfills doesn'tdecompose normally. It forms methane,a greenhouse gas 20 times more harmfulthan cardon dioxide. There are only so many resources in the world,so the all the trash that ends up in landfills isresources that are gone, forever. Even stuff thatcan be regrown had to get substance fromsomewhere. For every person in the U.S., an average of 275 lb of food is wasted per year at just the retail and consumer levels. If you can, try to finish your food and buyjust what you can eat! The Athletic Department is aiming for zero waste in their facilities. If successful, we could see this program grow to encompass other parts of campus as well!
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