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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Support Trapping In Idaho Fur is a Renewable Natural Resource badgerbeaverbobcatred foxmartinminkmuskratriver otterwolf TrappingIdaho Furbearers Trappingis a Dying Tradition BeingThreatenedby AnimalRightsActivists Trapping has beenused by Wildlife Biologists to relocate/reintroducenative populations of wolves and otters Providespeople withwarm clothingand food Usingfoothold trapsallows fornon-target catches to be released unharmed Maintainssuccessful sustainable populations Income source IDFGRegulates9 DifferentFurbearerSpecies Generates an economic return Harvestis Restricted to Winter Fur isoptimal Critters arenot breeding $1,39 billion in 2013 U.S. fur sales 1 in 5 women own a fur coat There are over 32,000 full timejobs made availableby the U.S Fur Industry Along with over 155,000 seasonal/part time jobs Trapping helps to control overpopulation that results in diseases and parasites Endangered or threatenedspecies are protectedby Biologists throughpredator control trapping Can protect people and pets from transmittable diseases caused by overpopulation Responsible Trappingis Humane Trapping Modern foot trapsare designedand set to subdueand hold preywith no injury Body gripping trapsand snareseffectively dispatchanimals quicklyand humanely
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