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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TRANSPORTATION NOT DEPORTATION In 2013, Transit Police reported people to the CanadaBorder Services Agency - that's nearly 1 person/day 328 out of 1 5 of those reported to the CBSA faceda subsequentimmigrationinvestigation including deportation. Only of all those referred to CBSAeven had immigration warrants out. 1.5% 328 Public transit should not be a border checkpoint A Memorandum of Understanding was signedbetween the Transit Police and the CBSA in 2007. . This year, the injustice must end. What we ask: Translink and the Transit Police end the Memorandum and collaboration with the CBSA. Lower Mainland's Transit Police are the armed transit police force in the country, with an annual budget of million, expected to grow over the next five years. 25% Sources: Memorandum of Understanding between the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority Police Service and the Canada Border Services Agency Pacific Region Enforcement. Police Referrals to the Canada Border Services Agency Enforcement and Intelligence Division. 2013 Calendar Year. Police Report Riders to Immigration Nearly Every Day article by David P. Ball. The Tyee. July 10, 2014. Did Transit Police Sweeten Their Crime Stats?” article by Jordan Bateman. Canadian Taxpayers Federation. March 6, 2013. Success Under the memorandum: = 'Success' Number of arrests reportsfrom Transit Police to the CBSA + Now, Transit Police make more referrals to CBSA than any other police force including the VPD and RCMP. $31 only
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