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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 She was born in 1900 in Guatemala. She was a painter and plastic artist whodepicted the Mayan traditional culture through ilustrations of their customs and costumes. In 1904, Carmen moved with her parents to London and started to paintat age nine. Rodolfo Galeotti Torres He was born on July 25, 1884 in Guatemala. He wasa Poet, novelist, essayist and playwright, considered one of the forerunners of magic realism. He was one of the most outstanding Guatemalanwriters of the Generation of1910. Rafael Arévalo Martínez Atanasio Tzul She was born in Jutiapa, in 1905. She was one of the representatives of prose and poetry in Guatemala. She was one of the main trainers of Latin American poetry from the early days of the twentieth century and one of the illustrious women of her time. Angelina Acuña de Castañeda Rafael Arévalo Martínez He was born in Quetzaltenango in 1902. He was a Guatemalansculptor. His most transcendental works were the Tecún Umánmonument in Quetzaltenango andthe Atanasio Tzul monument inTotonicapán. Rodolfo Galeotti Torres Carmen Lind Pettersen He was one of the leaders of the Indian colonial uprising of Totonicapán in 1802. He was originally from Cantón Paquí, and came from a family of soap makers who inhabited the area called Linkah. His wife was Felipa Soc. Ciudad de GuatemalaCapital de la cultura Iberoamericana
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