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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 family of 3 under The income for a This can help Athenians who are struggling financiallysave money and get to job opportunities...all while cutting down on pollution & congestion, plushelping to grow our economy! under the poverty A4E Thinkoutsidethe How will a Free-Fare bus system help Athens-Clarke County? Fare struggles with a poverty ratethat hovers around 35% or more and one of the highest income inequality rates in the US. Fortunately, Athens has a transit system and has the opportunity to put in place a proven tool to fight these issues: Free-at-the-Farebox public transit! Athens-Clarke County Helps the Environment & Reduces Road Congestion! Grows Our Economy! Box Increases Property + = Residential property values located near high frequencypublic transit perform 42% better on average = Every $1 invested in publictransit generates $4 in economicreturns for a community. Helpingto create and sustain jobs whiledriving money to local businesses - Sources: American Public Transit Assoc., Athens Transit & U.S. Census Bureau A case for Free-at-the-FareBox Public Transit in Athens, GA! Athens for Everyone 25+ One bus can get cars off the road!Increasing ridership reduces pollution & gas consumption! Inequality! Fights Values! = Fare-Free means no need for costly Fareboxes! Fareboxes costs Athens Transit around $150,00 a year. Getting rid of Fareboxes would elimiate a lot of hassle and confusion for riders and there would be no need for "transfers"! 3% of the transit budget is spent onFarebox operations BUT only 10% of theTransit Budget comes though the farebox 35% Of Athens is Under Poverty line is $18,552 Relying on the Bus costs that family per year Income $3,276 Line 18% That's of Income More than22 placesin the UShave a FareFree TransitSystem. Includingmany in the South.
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