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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 #2 Supine Double Leg Raise/LowerProne Hand Stand Flex Knee RaiseBicycles (2 Count)Spotted Toe TouchesFire HydrantsKneeling Back TiltKneeling Forward Tilt (w/Partner)Prisoner SquatsProne Hip ExtendersToe Raises Hurdle Mobility Recovery/Motor Strength Heel Walk ForwardHeel Walk BackwardToe Walk ForwardToe Walk BackwardInside Foot ForwardInside Foot BackwardOutside Foot ForwardOutside Foot Backward General Strength Routines Dynamic Flexibility #1 Technical #1 Mobility Series Hurdle Drills A   Low Walk ForwardLow Walk BackwardDuck Walk ForwardLateral Low Walk (Left and Right)Lunge Walk Static Dynamic Low Walks Foot Strength Hurdle Drills #1 Hurdle Drills #2 Trail Leg Cycle and ReverseLead Leg Attack Trail Leg RailHurdle StraddleStep over with lead leg attack Lateral Skips (3 Shoes Apart)Skipovers Constant LeadSkipvers Alternate LeadStatic-Dynamic Alternate Lead #3 #4 Triangle PoseExtended Lateral PoseWarrior Pose I (arms overhead facing forward)Cat/CowWarrior Pose II (arms front/back facing side)Down DogWarrior Pose III ("T" stand on one leg)Up DogBack Bridge #1 Core Workout & Flexibility V-SitCross CrunchSuperman PulsesCross Crunch Superman PulsesThe 100 Double Arm Core Workout #1 Core Workout #2 Prone Elbow Stand Single Leg RaiseSupine Elbow SLRProne Hand SLRSupine Hand SLRLateral Elbow SLRLateral Hand SLRProne Elbow Stand Flex Knee RaiseSupine Elbow FKRSupine Hand Legs Circles In/OutCrunch Low Reach 1.Push Ups2. Sitting Tucks3. Prone Lat Pull Down4. Push ups5. V-Sits6. Back Hyper w/Twist7. Push Ups8. Crunch9. Push Ups10. Back Hyper w/Twist 55205520520520 REVERSE ORDER 10153010103010301030 810258825825525 10 x Double leg 180 degree hopping. Reverse direction each time5x Double leg jumps for distance 20m running As10 Burpees30sec. plank200m tempoWalk back repeat as needed (coach to decide this) B C A Hamstring StretchAll Fours Quad StretchAnkle on the KneeArm CirclesBack StretchKneeling LungeKneeling Back StretchRunner's StretchStanding Lateral Stretch Flexibility #1 Seated Calf StretchStanding Bicep StretchStraddle (L,M,R)Seated Hamstring Stretch/Hurdler StretchToe TouchWindmillsDancer's StretchWorld's Greatest Stretch Flexibility #2
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