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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Train Jumper, Don Brown Hunter McMullen, Period 4B 2007 Did You Know???1. The Civilian Conservation Corps was started in 19332. CCC members earned $30 a month, plus $25 sent to a family member, and medical care3. 18-25 yr. old was avg. CCC age4. The stock market lost $14 billion the day it crashed in 19295. 15,000 Wall Street jobs lost that week Theme- Overcoming Prejudice, Collie, turns to the rails to find his brother who left to join the CCC. He goes through tons of adventures, coming across different characters, and evengetting in trouble with the law. Setting- This story starts in Wisconsin, but once Collie sets outthe story shifts to the Western states.The Year is 1934.Time passed is unknown Plot- This whole story is about how hobos survived and made a living during the DepressionThis story is nothing but adventures Collie faced in an attempt to find his brother Collie- "Ed" Main character, dad dies, mom loses job, brother abandons him and his mom.He then shifts into the hobo life to head Wet and find his brother. Along the way, he finds his best friend who is black and he agrees to help him find his brother. Colliechanges throughout the book and realizes that times are tough and the people need to come together. Ike- Collie's black friend he met on the rails. Doesn't like Collie at first because Collie and the old man stole his watch. But, Ike looks past that and him and Collie become best friends. Ike is themore witty of the two, as he is always helping Collie escape the law.
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