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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tradition Progress vs. Cost and Benefits Benefits of Tradition Costs of Progress Costs of Tradition *resources - Alexa Dyer Benefits of Progress The Church gains power and the people have lees say in society. The church had almost complete control not only above the people but also the King was starting to listen to what they were doing. Everything is always the same and nobody is thinking of new ideas or inventing new things. So there is no new innovation or progress that is needed to help them keep up with the world. Less conflict between people everyone had the same views because they are following the church. Nobody would argue about what is right or wrong Everyone knew their places in society. Nobody felt like they didn't belong and everyone knew their roles. Since everyone believes the same thing the people became united and more together as a whole. Everyone agreed in all the same aspects of life. Church lost power because people were starting to have their own opinions and were branching out from the church. Since people had different views than one another they weren't united anymore. People had different thoughts and because of that not everyone would get along. Since there was so much traveling and spreading inventions it also spread the black Death and caused many people to die People start to have their own opinions and are individualized. Everyone is ableto think for themselves and not have to follow the church or anyone else. Much more trade and innovation that help spread and bring in many new ideas like the printing press that would benefit all types of people. People of the upper and lower classes were eager to learn more things and were entertained with reading and amazing plays and performances. Works Cited"Progress and Tradition Clip Art." Progress And Tradition Clip Art. N.p., n.d. The rest of the society had no say or any real individual freedom everyone always followed the church.
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