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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1.Progress in all fields of science in both the Middle East and Europe allowed for new inventions and innovations, vastly improving the lives of every at the time.2. Trade with the Middle East and areas around it allowed for their ideas to become mixed with European ideologies and helped contribute in medical and science fields.3.Crop rotation allowed for a more fruitful harvest season, at the cost of forgoing planting in one growing season. Costs vs. Benefits Progress Costs of Progress Tradition Loss of traditions Crop rotation Costs of Tradition Limited progress Primogeniture Separated cultures 1. People who held to their traditions close were never able to push forward in new areas of discovery. This happenedwith the Catholic Church, who tried to reduce any new ideas.2. Primogeniture let the eldest take all the land and resources,leaving any other siblings jealous and eager to fight for the inheritance. 3. Tradition created very close-minded communities, not open to any sort of foreign ideas. A prime example of this was the Crusades, where the Christian knights sought to kill any person with different beliefs. Benefits of Progress More individual freedom Crop rotation Brought new innovations in all aspects of life Ideas spread through trade with the East 1. As new inventions and innovations came about, people began to lose sight of how they used to live their lives, eventually forgoing some parts of their old lives.2. With these new developments and ideas sprouting, many people began to stop listening to the churches and their biased ideologies.3. Crop rotation, albeit mostly a positive impact on farming culture, did leave farms without produce for a whole growing season Benefits of Tradition Provided stability for people Gave everyone a place in society United people 1. Tradition gave people something constant in their lives,even in the turmoil of a place like the Middle Ages. Tradition at this time was often religion.2. Tradition gave everyone a place in their society, whether it was as a king, serf, or trader. Everyone knew their place.3. Traditions brought people of various places together, a prime example of this being Christianity.
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