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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 throughout the years Writing originated in 3100 BC in Mesopotamia. The firstform was cunieform History of Writing In Egypt in 3000 BC payrus and hieroglyphics were invented 15th Century BC phonetics and the alphabet replaced pictographs AD 105 papermakingstarted in China After paper makingand writing took off there was a lot of scribes handwriting important historical events and more predominately religious subjects. The printing press in 1493revolutionized the efficiency of copying books and making themavailable to the public The most recent invention towards the progression of writing is the computer. It came about in 1939 but was notcommercialized for personaluse until the late 1960s. Public Writing The term also started being used by authors like William Shakespeare andJohn Locke. Locke defended public opinion in his book Social Contract. A good stepping stone for defining public writing is when in 1962 Jurgen Habermas came out with his book "The Structural Transformationof the Public Sphere" which was translated into English in 1989 Habermas gave a definition to the word that contained characteristics such as:the common world, all citizens have access, debate over the general rules governing relations which was a huge stepping stonefor the term. After Habermas came out with his workabout the public sphere, public writing took off. With a definition it is easy to look back at famous philosophers works and see them advocating for something which can now be categorized as"public writing" More recently Public Writing has become almost everyday practice. There are many different ways that one can engage in public writing now. Public Opinion was notused before the 18th century.It was first seen in 1588 byFrenchmen Michel de Montaigne.The French word was l'opinion and used in political context *The term public writingis hard to trace back to its original roots but I noticeda trend of the term public opinion appearing in a lot of coinciding work and I traced it from there. A woman named Linda K. Shamoonis known for her work with public writing. Her definition loosely describespublic writing as "means of sharing experiences and respond to a problematic event or issue...aims to stimulate social or political interaction...ask others to pay attentionto problem...invites others to take action More recent ways to take part in public writing include (but are not limited to):Blogging Letter to the Editor NewsarticlesForming Clubs Informative or Persuasive PapersYouTube VideosTake courses (at JMU we have WRTC314- Writing in the Public Sphere) Public Writing has evolved a LOT throughout the years but one of the most important thingsto note is how common and widespread it has become and how easy it is to participate. The pressure now is that to be a good citizen, you should be partaking in public writing versewhen the term first came about it was not in your best interest to speak out for whatyou advocated for. History of the term "Public Writing" When public writing first started out it was almost like an elitist thing where you would not write to express your opinion unless you held some sort of high social status or you were well educated.
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