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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Toxic Waste Sites When looking at three neighborhoods, Crested Butte, Colorado, Darrow Louisiana, and Bexar County Texas, they all kind of look the same from an aerial view. Darrow Louisiana is a little different because the neighborhood is located right next to the Mississippi river, but Bexar County and Crested Butte look fairly similar with there population and number of houses in the area. The ranking of the neighborhoods from cleanest to dirtiest is: Crested Butte, then Bexar County, followed by Darrow. How do our neighborhoods and others around the United States compare with our toxic waste disposal? Bexar county is the next dirtiest site on our list. Part of the reason is we have one superfundsite in our area. There is also a big gas turbine power plant run by O. W. Sommers and others. This and other factories in the area cause a great amount of smog into the air. Bexar county is so the pollution is not so concentrated in one site, but there are three factories run by Sommers in San Antonio alone. Someways the residents can clean up the community is also recycle and inform more people about the hazards of the factories. Also we should think of cleaner ways to produce our power so we do not get in danger of getting cancer from smog or the toxic waste sites. Lastly our dirties site, Darrow, Louisiana. It is ranked number one in county of majorchemical releases. The county is located next to the Mississippi river so it has the pollution from upstream. There is also a chemical plant that has 75 acres of land. This adds to the air pollution. The river is polluted from all the barge traffic and adds more air pollution.There is one superfund site in the area, and because the area isn't as big as Bexar county the toxic waste is more of a threat to everyone that lives there. If the residents are informed about what is going on in the community they could come up with ways to better the ecosystem. They should recycle off course and not dump and type of litter into the river to keep that as clean possible. Crested Butte, Colorado is the cleanest site on this project. One of the reasons it is so clean is because there are no toxic waste sites in the area. Since there are none that means there are no superfund sites either. Also there are no big factories that could be releasing smog and pollutingthe air. To keep the area clean the residents should recycle all that they can and keep big businessesout of the area. In all these sites we can do more to better the community and the ecosystems we live in. If we recycle not only paper and plastic, but our toxic chemicals and whatnot, we could not have to pollute the earth more by mining them from the ground and wasting energy. Toxic Data for Crested Butte Ranked number one for major chemical releasesRubicon Inc. a chemical plant is the worst polluterAmmonia compounds are the worst pollutants, it creates ammonium hydroxide in the bodywith water and causes damages to cells in the bodyThe county is ranked 34 out of 50 on lead exposureThey have one superfund site and are ranked number 3If you are Asian American, Latino, or African American you have a higherchance of getting cancer from air pollution Toxic Data for Bexar county Toxic Data for Darrow There are no toxic waste sites or superfund programs in the areaThere are no big companies releasing toxic fumesThe worst pollutant is smog and if can cause difficulty in breathingThe county is ranked 28 out of 50 of lead exposureThe risk of getting cancer is all the same Bexar was ranked number 20 for amount of major chemical releasesThe biggest polluter is O.W. Sommers, a power plantThe worst pollutant are barium compounds and they effect your skin and sensesFor lead we are ranked number 6 We have one toxic waste site that is being funded from the superfund programYou have the same risk of getting cancer among all humans in the area Websites Used
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