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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Download high-throughput data on all ToxCast chemicals, assays, genes,pathways, and endpointsData on over 1,800 chemicals and 500 assays ToxCast Data DSSTox Database A resource for high quality chemicalstructures and chemical annotationin association with toxicity dataToxCast and Tox21 use this as theirchemical information managementand cheminformatics foundationplatform ExpoCast Database Consolidates observational human exposure dataProvides links and improved accessto health related data, and also todata in ACToR, like: toxicity data,environmental fate data, and chemicalmanufacture information iCSS Dashboards ACToR Database ToxRef Database Warehouse of all publicly available chemical toxicity data Aggregates data from over 1000public sources on over500,000 environmental chemicalsSearchable by chemical name, structure and other identifiers Captures thousands of in vivo animal toxicity studies on hundreds of chemicalsIncludes study design and dosinginformation, and observe treatment-related effects using standardizedvocabulary EPA's Computational Toxicology Tools Interactive Dashboards to explore:- ToxCast- rapid, automated, in-vitro chemical screening data- EDSP21- data on chemicals testedfor potential endocrine disruption, connected with to ACToR, ToxRef,DSSTox, ExpoCast, etc. CPCat Database EDSP Dashboard A database containing informationmapping over 43,000 chemicals to aset of terms categorizing their usage or functionThe user can search for chemicals bychemical name, CASRN, or by CPCat terms (i.e. category names) associated with chemicals.
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