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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Total Number of Casualties During WWI United States Russia Bulgaria Austria- Hungary Number of Military Casualties: 7,142,558Civilian Casualties: 720 (Military Related) 424,000 to 763,000 (Famine and Disease) Number of Military Casualties: 7,020,000Civilian Casualties: 120,000 (Military Related)467,000 (Famine and Disease) Number of Military Casualties: 9,150,000Civilian Casualties: 410,000 (Military Related)730,000 (Famine and Disease) Number of Military Casualties: 266,919Civilian Casualties: Unknown (Military Related)100,000 (Famine and Disease) Number of Military Casualties: 320,710Civilian Casualties: 757 (Military Related)Unknown (Famine and Disease) British Empire Germany Number of Military Casualties: 3,190,235Civilian Casualties: 16,829 (Military Related)107,000 (Famine and Disease) Number of Military Casualties: 6,160,800Civilian Casualties: 40,000 (Military Related)300,000 (Famine and Disease) France Ottoman Empire Number of Military Casualties: 325,000to 771,844Civilian Casualties: 1,500,000 (Military Related)1,000,000 (Famine and Disease)These statistics include the deaths from the Armenian Genocide. Effects of the Casualties on the Countries: About one half of the men between 18 and 50 years old in major combatant countries were sent into service during WWI. With this, half of the men who served in the war died. This had a devastating effect on the countries. This caused a loss in a generation of young men, leaving many women, children, and the old on their own to provide for themselves. Returning to normal life was impossible. A generation of people was lost and the talents that they could have brought for the improvement of their countries was gone. Many civilians died of famine and disease which is one of the reasons why Russian civilians revolted resulting in the Russian Revolution. Many nations were left in poverty as a result of the casualties. The reason why there was so many civilian casualties was because the war actually went on in the civilian's towns and villages and they were caught in the crossfire.
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