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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DEVELOPING COUNTRY, TORONTO 11%-China 6.2%-India 6.4%-Philippines 5.2%-Italy 4.2%-United Kingdom 67%-Other Where Toronto's immigrants come from Source:Statistics Canada, 2006 Census of Population Toronto is one of country that is being developed by immigrants. To develop Toronto to global and tobuild a younger workforce, Toronto is implementing various programs to immigrant can adapt in Canadian's life. The results of diversity of programs were successful.The immigrant population is 6.8million,the total of immigrant percentage is 63.4% and totalpopulation became 901 million. Also,in 2006, 85% ofimmigrants decided to have canadian citizen ship. What kinds of programs (Pull factors) captured the hearts of immigrants? Give opportunity to get jobs, even immigrant is unskilled workers.Provide healthcare, education systemLow rates of crimeCleanTry to be global and cultural diversity How are immigrants impacting Toronto? Could be ageing population(Middle class)Many employers Can develop country more easier.Various types of country people-Can be global countryTo understand other countries' cultures. CITATION 2.4NatGeoReadingsMigration.pdfMigration worksheet Migration of 11% of Chinese Migration of 6.4% of Filipinos Migration of 6.2% of Indians Migration of 5.2% of Italians Migration of 4.2% of people from U.K This map shows the international migration, because people from China, Philippines,India,Italians,U.k (=emigrant) are moving to other continent.There are not many intervening obstacle during migration. 8B SUNG KYUNG UM
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