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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Torn Rotator Cuff? TORN ROTATOR CUFF TORN ROTATOR CUFF By: Sheeza Haider *Group of muscles and tendons in the shoulder.*Connects upper arm to shoulder blade. *Muscles allow for shoulder rotation. (Borden) *Group of muscles and tendons in the shoulder.*Connects upper arm to shoulder blade. *Muscles allow for shoulder rotation. (Borden) Watching TV/Netflix Listen to Music Social Media Ice/Rest Surgery Rest description here Getting Rest/bed rest 13% 44% 32% 19% 51% 11% 22% 14% Rotator Cuff? The Rotator Cuffincludes the following:3 BONES:-Clavicle-Scapula-Humerus4 MUSCLES:-Supraspinatus-Infraspinatus-Subscapularis-Teres Minor -7.5 million people visited the doctor in 2013 for shoulder problems. (Britt)-More than 4.1 million visits were related to the rotator cuff. Interesting Facts Best Distractions When Injured Symptoms Mechanism Rotator Cuff? Popular Treatments As we all know injuries don't just vanish overnight. It takes quitesome before an injury is healed.The following are some things to do when injured. (Orthoinfo) How To Confirm If You Have This? -Physical and medical exam by doctor.-X-ray, MRI or CT scan.-Arthrogram-Arthroscopy-Ultrasound (Levinson) -Pain in shoulder an arm when moving.-Weakness and tenderness in shulder.-Snapping or crackling sound when moving.Pain when rest, especially when lying down. -When a action is performed many times like swimming it causes the muscles and tendons to tear, which is the result of joint imbalance. E.g. baseball, basketball.-You can have a tear by falling on your arm,using your arm to break a fall, & lifting weights. These are the following mostused treatment used to helpthe torn rotator cuff heal. Depending on how big of a tear it is, the rotator cuff will usually take about weeks or months to recover. (Borden) Anatomy of Rotator Cuff Healing process of Torn Rotator Cuff ? -Partial Tears: This type is a incomplete tear, meaning this damages soft tissue.-Full-thickness Tear: This is called a complete tear. This splits the tissue into pieces, and causes the tendon to tear of from the head of the humerus. -People who do repetitive lifting or overhead activities like horse back riding, playing electric guitars are at risk of tearing their tendons.-When you get a tear you should avoid activities like driving, and playing sports. (Orthoinfo) What To Avoid. Physical Therapy Surgery Procedures: -One type of surgery is whentwo incisions are made (each few cm long) onefor a arthoscope, the other forminiature instruments-another surgery is a directopen-repair, its when a longincision is made and the tendonis sutured to the other end. As shown in the picture on the left. (Blahd)
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