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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HOMELESSNESS F CT SHEET WHAT? double click to change this title text! Homelessness includes those who are: UnshelteredEmergency shelteredProvisionally accomodatedAt risk of homelessness WHO? in Canada WHY? 50% = Single adult men20% = Youth30% = Families and womenAboriginal people are overrepresented.LGBTQ youth homelessness is on the rise. WHERE? does the homeless population stay? Violence against women shelters Temporaryinstitutional accomodation Unsheltered Emergency shelters In the homeless population... Causes of homelessness: HOW LONG? Transitional EpisodicChronic 300-1000 days less than a month several times over a period 2-4% 88-94% 3-11% Length of stay of homelesspopulationin shelters and other institutions: On any given night in Canada, there are approximately homeless people. Here are some of their statistics. 30,000 of homeless youth have been sexually exploited by adults 30% of homeless youth have experienced violence in the home of households in Canada are low income of homeless youth are from government care Gaetz, S., Donaldson, J., Richter, T., & Gulliver, t. (2013).The state of homelessness in Canada 2013 (Homeless Hub Paper No. 4). The Homeless Hub.Saewyc, E., Smith, A., Dixon-Bingham, B., Brunanski, D., Hunt, S., Simon, S., & Northcott, M. (2006). Moving Upstream: Aboriginal marginalized and street-involved youth in B.C. The McCreary Centre Society. 60% 10% 42%
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