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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The reaction of the body and mind to everyday challengesand demands. Anything that causes stress. Stressors Stress Stress Management Positive Causes of Stress -Greatly motivating-Makes you work harder Negative Causes of Stress -High blood pressure-Weakened immune system Ways to Handle Stress Practice relaxation techniques. Ways to Manage Stress -Use refusal skills: determine whether you have time far a new activity before taking it on.-Plan ahead: manage you time wisely.-Think positively: a positiveoutlook limits stressby shifting your preconceptions. A Different Type of Stress Long-term stress that is beyond the person's control. Planning Ahead Manage your time wisely, think positively, and create a positive outlook on things. This limits stress by changing your perception and the way you react to a stressor. Things to Avoid -Tobacco-Alcohol-Other drugsDrugs will harm the body andcause more stress. Redirect Your Energy double click to change this header text! Taking a walk, jogging, or swimming helps. Rushing energy is a conductive way. Seek Support Sometimes talking about your problems can help solve them. Video double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. There was a day where my agenda was filled with dates and events such as tests, homework, etc. On Thursday I had four tests in four classes, I was very overwhelmed. After the school day I went home I was really stressed out because I was overwhelmed by all the tests I had. But, the stress management skills I built and learned really helped to overcome this stress. One skill that really helped me was to plan ahead. This helped me brainstorm what I would study and how long I would study for each subject. Another skill that helped me was redirecting my energy to the tasks I needed to complete. Now, tomorrow I was ready to take all the tests! By learning these stress management skills it helped me overcome this stress. Stressors (Story) By Alex, Yousef, and Andrew
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