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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TOP ANTICAPATED GAMES OF 2015 2015!!!New year New games, here we have some of the most anticipated games of 2015!!Lets dive right in. DYING LIGHTSet during a zombie apocalypse, Dying Light allows you to show off your running and Mirror's Edge-style parkour skills as you attempt to evade the undead. ASSASSIANS CREED VICTORYVictory will be set in Victorian-era London and will come from Ubisoft's Quebec studio, the first game in the series to do so. Early leaked footage suggests that the new development team isn't playing it safe, which is a good sign. It looks like there will not be another AC release for the previous-gen consoles. ARKHAM KNIGHTThe fourth main entry in the blockbusterBatman: Arkham series hopes to overcome the glitchiness and lack of innovation in 2013's disappointing Batman: Arkham Origins and return the franchise to its original glory. Also absent from the previous game) at the peak of his powers, which he'll need to defeat Scarecrow (among other villains). BATTLEFEILD HARDLINE setting to focus on cops and robbers, doing battle in familiar settings like downtown Los Angeles. It's also the first title in the series to come from Visceral Games, best known for the Dead Space series. A single player campaign, guided by Justified producer Wendy Calhoun, is said to be influenced by TV's top crime shows (and will even borrow some of their stars, like The Shield's Benito Martinez) and seems more promising that past Battlefield campaigns, but you're no doubt here for the multiplayer. In that department, expect more variety than ever. The game itself centers on a major new playable character, Agent Locke, a Spartan who must track down Master Chief (and who was the focus of a recent digital film series, Halo: Nightfall). Taking advantage of the new hardware, Guardians will run at 60fps and feature a larger world than ever before. The Xth (or 10th, as some might say) installment in the classic fighting franchise is being developed in tandem for the current- and previous-generation consoles by two different developers, with NetherRealm Studios (who handled the well-received 2011 franchise reboot) tackling the PS4 and XB1 versions. Expect a more cinematic visual style (running at 1080p and 60fps on the new hardware), new interactive backgrounds, and a new character variation system that will allow you to change up your fighting style (from among three choices) prior to each fight and unlock special movesproviding more depth and replayability for each character than in previous games. A handful of new characters will be joined by returning names like Sub-Zero, Kung Lao, Raiden, and Kano. By Justin Stoddard.
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