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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Drank Around the World Top milk Argentina 1.Northern Italy White2.Southern Italy White3.Central Italy White Spain France 1.Burgundy White2.Languedoc-Roussillon3.Loire Valley Upper Loire White Wine Styles 1.New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc2.Burgundy White3.Northern Italy Pinot Grigio Italy Europe Drinking... a mix! Mostly drinking... French wines! Mostly drinking... Italian wines! UK Chilean wines are most prominent in South America, and this is the only continent where the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc doesn't appear. North America Mexico Canada U.S.A Mostly drinking... Spanish wines! Mostly drinking... American wines! Drinking... a mix! 1.Californian Chardonnay2.New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc3.Californian Sauvignon Blanc 1.Spanish Albariño2.Chilean Chardonnay3.Californian Chardonnay Drinking... a mix! France, Spain and Italy prefer to stick to homegrownwhites while the Brits seem to love a bit of everything. Surprisingly a Southern Hemisphere wine has crept into Europe to claim the Brits' top spot. In Mexico and Canada, wine lovers are drinking wines from all over the world, and whilst two Californian whites appear in the USA's top 3, they also enjoy a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. 1.New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc2.Californian Chardonnay3.Northern Italy Pinot Grigio South America Chile Brazil 1.Spanish Verdejo2.Spanish Albarino3.Spanish Chardonnay Argentina 1.Chilean Sauvignon Blanc2.Chilean Chardonnay3.Chilean Gewurztraminer Mostly drinking... Chilean wines! 1.Argentinian Chardonnay2.Argentinian Sauvignon Blanc3.Argentinian Viognier Mostly drinking... Argentinian wines! 1.Chilean Sauvignon Blanc2.Chilean Chardonnay3.Southern Portugal White Mostly drinking... Chilean wines! Asia Australia HongKong Japan 1.Burgundy White2.New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc3.German Riesling 1.Australian Chardonnay2.New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc3.Australian Riesling Drinking... a mix! Mostly drinking... Australian wines! Drinking... a mix! Both Japan and Hong Kong enjoy a mix of New World and Old World wines, while Australia sticks with theNew World. 1.Burgundy White2.Northern Italy White3.Californian Chardonnay What are people really drinking?
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