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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 There is always a friend by your side and no one is left out. We can pray for others, attend church and talk openly about our faith.Funny teachers who make learning fun. Fun days like Carnival Day and Quest Day during Catholic Schools Week.Get to do fun activities to help us learn.Teachers - students aren't afraid to ask questions or get help.Feel like it's our home. We have an opportunity to learn things using online interactive games and technology.We support causes and raise money for the community or those in need.School lunches!Mrs. Morrison's 5th grade class Top Ten Reasons We Love Seton Seton is awesome!Everyone tries to walk with Jesus.Take amazing field trips every year.On Tuesday we get to worship Jesus in Church.No one feels left out.Read to receive Jesus for the 1st time.Outstanding outdoor recess equipment and space for us to use.Catholic Schools Week is spectacular.Knowledge taught to us by teachers.Seton Catholic School rocks!Mrs. Lake's 2nd grade class Going to church each weekSpecial Days - Catholic Schools Week/Quest Day/Carnival DayNice staffAwesome friendsGreat booksTechnologyExtra Curricular Activities - band, choir, sports, play, intramuralsFun projects - Gala projectPraying everydayEnd of the month activityMrs. Thier's 6th grade class IntramuralsExtra curricular activitiesEnd of the month activitiesGreat friends - everyone is nice and includes everyoneCatholic Schools Week/Quest DayNice environment with lots of school spiritBest principal/assistant principalTeacher makes learning funGoing to church on WednesdaysWe get to worship God and learn about our faith. Ms. Heitkamp's 6th grade class More time to learn about JesusCelebrate weekly worship with school familyOpenly talk about our faithPrayerPlanning mass together8th grade March for LifeEnd of the month socialsClose relationships with everyoneEveryone gets to be a leaderEverything about Catholic Schools WeekMs. Rank's 8th grade class We pray everyday.We learn about Jesus everyday in religion class.We get to go to Mass. We listen to and dance to songs that worship God. We grow closer to God everyday.We get to share our Catholic faith. We make good friends and learn about the Golden Rule to treat others the way you want to be treated.We get to do fun things like Quest Day.We get to do fun things with other classrooms.We share our ideas with each other. Mrs. Mulert's 2nd grade class Pep Rallies!Mock TrialWe are like one big familyWe are 1:1 with ChromebooksGet to go to churchWe get to celebrate the Advent and Lent season and learn what they're really aboutTeacher don't just teach us subjects like math, they teach us how we should treat each otherJesus is your classmateWe are encouraged to always try new things in lifeWe get to talk about our faith anytime we wantMrs. Mahoney's 7th grade class Catholic Schools Week including Talent Show and Quest DayDance party in the gym on FridaysFlashlight FridaysFun days such as out of uniform and CarnivalMaking new friendsBirthday masses and cupcakesTalking and learning about Jesus and GodFun art projectsNice teachers, staff, volunteers, and lunch ladiesA caring schoolMrs. Krapfl's 4th grade dlass
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