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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top Ten Reasons We Love Seton We learn about God and Jesus.We have great people who work at the school - teachers and staff.We have All School Masses with the Archbishop.We celebrate Catholic Schools Week. We go to Mass.We have a buddy bench.We learn about the Bible.We have Quest Day!We do fun activitiesWe get to have religion class in school.Ms. Ament's 1st grade class We are a Catholic School where we can share our faith with others.We believe all people are to be valued.Our friends share our values.We complete service projects to help people who are less fortunate than we are.Each week we attend Mass and receive the Eucharist.We receive a great education and Jesus is the focus of everything we do.We treat people with respect. Seton has helpful and caring principals, teacher, and staff.We celebrate Catholic Schools Week with students working together from kindergarten through eighth grade.We are able to pray and share signs of our faith throughout our whole day.Mrs. Donovan's 4th grade class We are free to talk about God!Smaller classes!Everyone knows everybody!Everyone gets along!We get to go to mass!Safe environment!Individual attention!Uniforms!We get to pray daily!Academics!Mrs. McElroy's 7th grade class Able to talk about our faith freely and learn more about GodSmall classes with more one to one attentionFriendships are made to last a life timeGreat teachers who care about the whole studentStrong academics and new 1:1 with technologyWeekly liturgies to celebrate our faithStudent Council and other leadership opportunitiesService projects and working with the communityExtra-curricular activities are available: sports, play, choir, band, speech, and mock trialFUN activities: Quest Day, Carnival, end of month activity, and class tripsMrs. Schwer's 8th grade class We talk about God and pray at school every day.We do fun activities in PE class.We have nice lunch who serve good food and nice, caring teachers that help us learn. We make really cool projects in art class. iPads! We get to use iPads to play on, learn on, and complete projects on. We celebrate Catholic Schools Week every year with a lot of fun activities.We have mass and celebrate the Eucharist every week.We have 20 minutes of recess. We also have a great library and computer lab. WE get to be lunch room monitors.We use recorders and sing in music class. Mrs. Brosius' 4th grade class Out of Uniform DayCelebrating birthdaysiPads and computersLeader in MePrayingArtMaking things for people who are sickRecess and the jungle gymLearningCentersMrs. Kramer's kindergarten class We get to pray everyday!We get to learn awesome things with our class.We get to do lots of fun activities like Quest Day and Carnival Day.We get to learn about Jesus.We get to use iPads.We get to have very special teachers. We get to make great friends. Everyone learns how to be nice to each other.We get to go to mass together. It is a fun place to be!Mrs. Horsfall's 1st grade class We get to pray a lot!We get to sing to Jesus at Mass.We get to read from the Bible.We learn how to be like Jesus.We get to have Read to Self everyday.We get to have Mass with our Grandparents.Imaginative Centers.Just Dance on Fridays.We have kind friends.We get cupcakes to celebrate our birthdays. Mrs. Meyer's kindergarten class We get to learn and talk about God, Jesus, and the Saints.We get to go to weekly Mass and celebrate the Eucharist.Fun activities that we get to do such as the Saint's Report and special projects in Social Studies. Quest Day during Catholic Schools Week.Fun Catholic School activities all week. Fun field trips.Ice cream parties for the amount of time we read throughout the whole year. Pray daily.Seton Parent Club activities like the Splash Bash, movie night, Skate Country, and skiing lessons. Good friends and great teachers. Mrs. Steffen's 3rd grade class
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