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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top Five most paid players 1. Floyd Mayweather 4. Lionel Messi 2. Cristiano ronaldo 3. Lebron James 3. Lebron James TEXT 5. Kobe Bryant 5. Kobe Bryant Sport: BoxingTotal Earnings: $105 MillionSalary/Winnings: $105 MillionEndorsements: $0 Sport: SoccerTotal Earnings: $80 MillionSalary/Winnings: $52 MillionEndorsements: $28 million Sport: BasketballTotal Earnings: $72.3 MillionSalary/Winnings: $19.3 MillionEndorsements: $53 Million Sport: SoccerTotal Earnings: $64.7 MillionSalary/Winnings: $41.7 MillionEndorsements: $23 Million Sport: BasketballTotal Earnings: $61.5 MillionSalary/Winnings: $30.5 MillionEndorsements: $31 Million * He is currently undefeated as a professional& five-division world championhe won ten world titles& the Lineal Championship in 4 different weight classes * the fondation Charity: the Floyd mayweather JR. foundation empowers and encourages communities alliances impacts youth leadership and strengthens family foundationthrough community development, entrepreneurialismand educations for healthier community. Charity: in spring 2014 her receiveda request for a donation of footballboots and a shirt to help raise $83,000 for a 10-month-old in needof a operation. Ronaldo did not onlydonated the items but also paid forthe operation as well. Many soccerfans criticized him for having this hair-line during his game but it was meant to show the scar the young boy had. Cristiano Ronaldo was voted the most valuable player inthe world in 2013. he won the golden boot for soccerin 2007-2008 season andin 2010-2011 and in thispast season of 2013-2014with scoring 31 goals. People criticized him because heonly fights for money and onlyfights with opponents that he knows he can beat. he has never fought someone that is at hislevel so they say he cherry pickshis opponents so he won't lose. James is know as the biggest endorsementstar, thanks to Nike, Mc Donald's, Coca-Colaupper deck and others sales of his signatureNike Shoes were top among active at $300 million in the U.S. during 2013 he also mademillions through his small stake in beatswhen it was sold to apple for $3 billion. Charity: The Lebron James FamilyFoundation's mission is to positively affect the lives of children and youngadults through education and co-curriculareducational initiatives. People don't criticized James thatmuch because he is a excellentplayer, he is not selfish so in gameshe always tends to pass the ball and not hog it and trying to makeall the points. People say he is once-in-a-generation player andsome people want him to be someone he's not. Ronaldo also does charities for*Aid Still Required *Cahonas Scotland*Save The Children*UNICEF Sponsor's like Adidas, who launchedhis signature shoe last year in 2013and the Turkish Airlines, who pairedhim with NBA star Kobe Bryant.He had won the Golden Boot 3 timesin his career and is still playing forBarcelona. Charity: in 2007, he establishedthe Leo Messi Foundation to helpaccess education and healthcarefor vulnerable children. In March2013, he donated $600,000 towardsthe refurbishment of a children hospital in his hometown Rosario,Argentina. Messi has never been criticized in any bad ways, people call him the kingof football since he is a remarkableplayer. This generation soccer fans call him the best player in the world.Also say there will never be aplayer like him again. he is currently27 right now, and has many more years to play. Kobe endorsements were deals with TurkishAirlines, Lenovo, Nike and Panini for merchandisewhich are worth #30 million annually. in 2006Bryant scored 81 points against Toronto Raptorsit was second highest-number of points scored ina single game, in NBA history. Charity: The Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of youth andfamilies in need, both domestically and globally.the Foundation strives to strengthen communitiesthrough education and cultural enrichmentopportunities. the main people who criticized kobe isthe ESPN magazine. This past year the votedhim the 40th best player in NBA, which isa lie since he is far superior than that.
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