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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top 10 Winter Activities As the days of January get colder, more and more people are cooped up inside, bored out of their minds and with nothing to do. Rather than despising these freezing months, make use of the season and the activities it brings. With the help of this list, people will spend less time staring at screens, and more time enjoying winter. 1. Winter sports One of the greatest things about winter is all of the fun snowy sports it brings with it, such as sledding, skiing, and snowboarding. Even if youre a beginner, try visiting nearby slopes such as Sunburst Ski Resort or Alpine Valley. "My family and I always take a trip to one of the ski resorts in Wisconsin," says freshman Meghan Donahue. "I frequently fall down, but it's still a lot of fun!" 2. Playing Outside You dont need a pair of skis or sled to have fun outside in the winter, all it takes is a little snow and some excitement. Next time you find yourself super bored, try organizing a neighborhood snowball fight or maybe even go ice skating on a local pond. 3. Christmas cookies Even though the holiday season has already passed, that doesnt mean the delicious treats have to. Spend some time with a couple of friends or maybe even your family and cook up a batch of your favorite homemade Christmas cookies. "My favorite Christmas cookies are sugar cookies with green and red sprinkles on the top," says freshman Sam Kult. 4. Get cozy For someone whos not feeling like they have enough energy to get in an intense snowball fight, getting comfortable with a favorite book and some hot chocolate is always a great option. It truly feels like the holiday season, without shivering out in the snow. 5. Build a snowman Do you want to build a snowman? Although it might take a considerable amount of time, building a handsome-looking snowman is one of the most rewarding projects you can start this winter, and your Frosty is also likely to last for awhile. "Building a snowman is what makes living in the cold weather of Wisconsin all worth it," says freshman Rachel Spyhalski. 6. Go shopping If youre not really into freezing your toes off while doing something outside, another seasonal activity could simply just be going to the mall and doing some holiday shopping. Whether its buying a gift for a friend, or even treating yourself, take some time to visit your favorite store and see what holiday sales theyre having. 7. Secret Santa Rather than just go window shopping at the mall, turn your trip into a hunt for your friends perfect gift. Set up a secret santa gift exchange with a group of friends and include a price limit for everyone to aim for. Participating in Secret Santas is one of my favorite things to do in the winter, says freshman Catherine Durham. I love shopping for friends, and also the surprise of wondering who has me!” 8. Holiday spirit 9. Decorate All it takes to get in the holiday spirit this winter is a couple of cheesy Hallmark movies, or jamming out to your favorite Christmas song on the radio. Even after Christmas is over, you can still enjoy the cheerful mood the holiday season brings. During the winter season, one activity you could enjoy is decorating your bedroom or house to show your festivity. Whether its hanging snowflakes around the house, or keeping up the Christmas lights for a couple of extra weeks, any decorations can sure make it feel more like winter. 10. Give back Too often people get caught up in the materialistic aspect of winter and the holiday season, when they could be spending their time giving back to their society. Some ideas include bell ringing for the Salvation Army, or packing food at the Waukesha Food Pantry. "I always feel good inside when I can make someone else happy," says freshman Lindsey Retzlaff, "Especially during the holiday season." Written by: Jenny Cape All images from
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