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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top 10 National Clearing Houses Top 10 National Clearing Houses The National Center for Education Statistics provides a centralized location for all educational statistics in the US. Many clearing houses stem from this clearing house. The Progress in International ReadingLiteracy Study tests 4th grade level studentsin 53 educational systems. It focuses on reading achievement, attitude, andbehaviors. The National Assessment of Adult Literacy continually assesses the state and level of literacy of Adults in the US. This clearinghouse focuses ondifferent products, policies,and programs. It uses high-qualityresearch to provide educators withthe best possible programs forthe classroom. While federal funding has stopped forthe National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy, the statistics andresults are still available online. The International Literacy Instituteprovides statistics in internationalliteracy, particularly in developingnations. The National Clearinghouse on English Language Acquisition providesdata and research to respond to Title IIIneeds as well as national testing forEnglish Language Learners. The UNAOC formed the Media andInformation Literacy to connectteachers and students throughoutthe world, while promotingthe use of technology in the classroom. The National Student ClearinghouseResearch Center provides statistics onstudents enrolling in post-secondaryeducation, including enrollment, transfers, and degree completion. NAAL The National Center for Literacy Educationprovides evidence about how educators working in cross disciplinary teams design and implement plans to support literacy learners in every classroom. What Works NCES PIRLS ILI NCSALL NCLE MIL NCELA NSCRC Sources: ; ; ; ; ; ;
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