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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Steel is a metal made by infusing iron with coal. Steel was invented when coal fires were used to melt iron for casting. It was used for making weapons in the Chinese time along with other things and is still used today. To compare the Tang and Song dynasties isa sort of challenge. But in I think that theSong dynasty made a lot more advances in technology whereas the Tang made advancesin things like agriculture that made it possiblefor the Song dynasty to make all of theirdiscoveries. Over all if I had to chose I wouldhave to say that the Song dynasty was moreinfluential and that it made more of an impact. Ari Garabedian The fire lance waslike the early gun.It was used in theChinese militaryand made thempowerful. FIRELANCE The compass was first used by sailors from china and allowed them to sail farther off the coast and led them to even discover Indonesia, India, and other countries to the west. COMPASS Movable type was invented by Pi Sheng but was not used much in China due to the amount of charecters used to write in Chinese. MOVABLE TYPE SONG TANG Rice was one of the main food sources of China. The Chinese bred rice so that it would be more resistant, yield more food, and be able to grow in harsh conditions RICE Porcelain is a style ofclay that is very fineand is furnaced at hightemperatures. It wasused for pots and isnow used for thingsfrom toilets totea cups. PORCELIAN STEEL Period 3 1-16-15
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