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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Education Needed NHL Hockey Player Schedule Description To play in a professional sport like hockey you need to be extremely fit and know how to eat the right foods. Hockey players are the strongestathletes in the sports industry. Making money by doing what they love. It is extremely hard to become a professional hockey player becausethere are very little spots open.A study showed that out of 22 00010 year old players only 110made it to the OHL(Ontario Hockey League) A pro hockey player works almost every day of the year taking 2 weeks off in the summer.A work day consists of getting up and heading to the rink. Spending a few hours there and then heading to the gym. After that the day is almost done so they go home, eat and relax. There is no specific education needed to become a professional hockey player. Availability Earnings Hockey players makea lot of money.Here are they'reearnings:Rookie: $400 000-$1 000 000 Pro: $1 000 000-$5 000 000Veteran: $5 000 000-$10 000 000+ Nutrition Job Location The job locations of a NHL hockey player are all aroundCanada and the USA. Bibliography - Work Conditions As an NHL player there area lot of responsibilities that needto be done. This can cause a lot of stress on the athletes. Inthe arenas there is a lot of noisewhich can cause you to lose focus.So concentrating can be hard.
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