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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 20% 16% north east south east represented WAR WORLD II Evacuations Introduction Food Rationing Peace, at last Children at War When rules are broken,problems begin. Shelters People had to evacuate from the citiesto go to the countryside were it was safer,Most of them were children. On the 8th of May of the year 1945 WWII ended, in Europe. But inJapan the war continued. Untilthe USA threwtwo atomic bombsat them in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Then Japan surrender andthe war ended. During the war food was difficult to find, and it was expensive. Different countries started to use a dailyrationing to give people food. west coast north west This war has two faces, the first one involves everything that happened to the Jews during the war, and the other face tells what happened toeverybody else and what they did to stop the war. After WW1 Germany was left with nothing, and had to follow some rules, Adolf Hitler used people and broke these rules, and the war started.The war started on 3 of September of 1939. The Allies and the Axis Axis: Germany,Italy, Japan, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, and more.Allies: Usa, Britain, France, Soviet Union,Brasil, Australia, etc.. Shelters were places where people could protect themselves during air-raids. There were two main types:Anderson and Morrison shelters. During the war children couldnยดt buy toys to playwith so they invented theirown games. At school theywould learn things to protectthemselves from the air-raids and how to use gas masks. Connections We make connections with Anne Frank because she had to survive during this war and many of these things happened to her. Also with Ellen of the book Number the Stars because she was Jew and she had to escape from the Nazis
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