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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sequence of Events By Marissa Grothe THE END 1905 - H.G Wellspublishes"A Modern Utopia" 2001 - The Blade RunnerSeries exposes the newlyborn Cyberpunk genre tothe masses. TOM FALLS IN LOVE WITH BECKY THATCHER Tom and Huck go on atreasure hunt (Chapter 12-13)-Aunt Polly gives Tom painkiller,and then, Tom Gives his cat painkiller, making the cat go crazy (Chapters 23-24)-Tom tells thetruth about themurder, andInjun Joe runs,leaving Tom worried. (Chapters 21-22)-On examination day,the students prankthe master, making hiswig fall off, revealing his gilded dome (Chapter 29-30)-Injun Joe and his companion planrevenge on Widow Douglas, but Huck tellsthe Welshman,and they stop them Becky and Tom are lost The wholetownthinksthe boys drowneduntil they showup at their funeral (Chapter 31-32)-After being lostin the cavefor 3 days,Becky and Tomfind their way out (Chapters 25-28)-Injun Joe really finds treasureand the boys spy on him to tryto find it Tom and Huck find the treasure Becky doesn't likeTomanymore,making Tom heartbroken They lookfor Injun Joeat the Temperance Tavern Huck keepson followingInjunJoe The Adventures of TOM SAWYER BY MARK TWAIN (Chapters 1-3)- Tom tricks his friends into coveting his chore, white washing the fence (Chapters 4-6)- Tom meets Becky Thatcher,The adored unknown,plays with a pinch bug, "earns" his dore bible,and hangs outwith Huck Finn (Chapters 7-10)Tom and Huck witnessthe murder ofDr. Robinson byInjun Joe, and swear to keep mum about it TWIST PLOT (Chapters 13-16)-Tom, Huck, and Joerun awayto an island, and become pirates,and Tom sneakshome, and comes up witha great idea The whole town thinks the boysdrowneduntil they showup at their funeral (Chapters 18-20)-Aunt Polly finds out that Tom's dreamwas actually real, and that his note was real. Tom takes the blame for Beckyat school. (chapters 33-35)Huck becomes civilizedand hates it, but Tom convinces himto stay that way. $
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