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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tokyo's current population is 37.2 million people. Beijing current populationis 15.6 million. Tokyo Beijing Tokyo is in the tokya province. This is one to the 47 provinces in japan. With the coordinates of 35.6895 degrees North and 139.6917 degrees East. Tokyo is approx 14080km2 with and average of 2,642 people per km2.38% of Tokyo is national park land.Tokyo is a very clean city with not much pollution. But this is a very expensive city with some simpledrinks or meals sometimes costingup to 10 dollars. The Japanese have had a population problem in the past generation and have invented a way to create smaller living. They have created capsule hotels. These hotel are just normal hotels but with 1x2m pods where someone can eat, sleep and be watch TV. These pods also have a little storage compartment which can store some clothes and other things.Sanitary facilities are provided on site by the capsule hotel. Tokyo has also learnt to build up with the cities highest building being 643m high. Beijing is located in the Tianjinprovince of china. With coordinates of 39.9139 dergees North and 116.3917degrees East. Beijing being a very big has had to build up to make space. The highestbuilding being the BeijingWorld trade centre being 330m high. Beijing is approx 12,000km2 with an average of 1300 people per km2. Beijing is not a very clean with its pollution sometimes makingit hard to see in front of you. Beijing has also developed some slums and the government hasplaced laws against the amount ofchildren that can be living with one pair of parents. The legal limit at themoment is one per pair of parent. This means that in a few generations time the population will have halved. The Rise of a Megacity A mega city is created by a lot of small factors coming together. The first large cities of the world had attractions of things like large food and water sources. But as the world evolved differentattractions were created. Some pull factors are more work opportunities and better education services. Some push factors are over crowded spaces, pollution and more a more expensivecity to live in. These types of factors are called push and pull factors. These factors pull people into the city and push people away form the city based on a persons needs. Overall there must be more pull factors in the creation of a megacity otherwise everyone would be drawn away form the megacites.
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